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The inspiration behind this blog blossomed many years ago, before personal computers, texting and smart phones changed the way people communicate.  Back in the day, my parents often joked we could write a book about our (mis)adventures in the “Stillwater wilderness.”  However, no matter how awful the situation--like the time we were without power for an entire week--when we later told the tale to relatives and friends it turned out funny and a fond remembrance.  In retrospect, living “like pioneers,” as mom named it, brought us closer together as a family.  In all our years at Bon Bon Pond, I honestly cannot recall a story mom and dad told that wasn’t upbeat, amusing, interesting and, most often, inspiring.  

I now think of this blog as a family meme and, for the most part,  try to keep my stories true to my parents' always positive attitude. With that said, I’m not an ostrich. All of us who love the natural world are aware of the atrocities committed against animals. These stories need to be told, but are upsetting.  As such, I have created this special page. “Lend Your Voice” talks about and links to petitions and/or other opportunities for animal lovers.   Need a smile?  Stay on the home page.  Charged up and determined to change the world?  Keep reading and get ready to make a difference.  The choice is yours. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Endangered Species
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Reflections’ Readers,

I wanted to share a story that occurred this past weekend.  Most people I know could care less about my birding stories, but I need to share this one.  Every week I go to Lindo Lake (CA) and visit and feed cracked corn to a flock of Canada geese. When I started going, there were 12 geese, now there are 23.  I have named most of them and while I LOVE all the birds and waterfowl there, they are my favorite.  It doesn't hurt that when they see me, they either walk swim or fly over to me.  I love that they know me :)  I would like to introduce you to the Alpha couple of the group: Sid & Nancy

During nesting season, Sid is the most effective  protector of his mate and his future offspring.  He can be rather over the top.  He will chase people (when provoked).  The rangers have taken to blocking off the area where the geese nest, because people will harass them and Sid WILL and has bitten people.  Last year, someone hurt Sid, not sure what happened, but he was unable to walk to for almost two days.  It was heartbreaking!  All he was doing was being the protector.  To make things worse, someone stole their eggs that year , so they had no babies last spring.  This year they were fruitful.

One little gosling did not make it, so they only have three now.  You know how quickly they grow!  The photo posted on Sunday was taken on 4/16/13 the day they hatched.  Now they are in the gangly phase, where they look like plucked turkeys :)   Sid and Nancy are amazing parents, they not only protect their babies with all they have, they never let  the babies out of their sight.  If one starts to stray, Sid will honk to alert Nancy and she will fetch the little daredevil (whom I call Johnny).

On Sunday,  while I was close to the west end of the lake (where they usually have the babies in the morning)  I heard the unmistakable panic honk from several Canada Geese.  I  quickened my pace and stopped in my tracks when I saw a lone goose.  It was odd that he was alone and then he turned and I gasped.  His left wing was dragging on the ground, his right wing had almost been plucked clean and there was a HUGE abrasion on the middle of his back and on the back of his head. At first, I thought maybe Sid had gotten into a fight with another goose who got too close to the babies, but never have I seen that type of damage from a goose on goose fight.  I looked around the corner and saw four Canada Geese frantically honking and pacing back and forth.  I myself went into panic mode.  What happened?  Where are the babies?  The injured goose walked over to a shrub area and laid down.  While keeping my eye on him, I looked around the small lake and there I saw Nancy and the babies. I was a little relieved and then I realized, Where's Sid?  My heart sank and I practically ran back to the goose. This poor injured bird was the brave and devoted, Sid. Looking at his injuries, I just imagined what had happened.  A dog came by, Sid gave a warning hiss and charged and he was attacked. Sid walked into the water and swam away, (away from his family).  Nancy was honking non-stop as if calling for him.  I walked around the lake following him.  I had to catch him.  I knew I had to get help for him.  I was lucky enough that I ran into Ranger Patty and she was horrified that he was hurt.  We got into  the ranger cart and set off in search of Sid.  While looking for him we came across a group of birders, who had seen the attack.  A man lost control of his TWO dogs and they both attacked Sid.  After almost an hour we found Sid hiding in some reeds.  I think he was in so much pain and shock that he didn't even fight when we caught him and put him into a box.  He gave a few honks, but he didn't fight.  Ranger Patty called her friend at Project Wildlife and she was on her way to come and get him.  
I know some people think animals are stupid or they don't have any sense, but I am not one of those people.  I truly believe those four Canada Geese, who were pacing and honking frantically flew over there in response to Sid and Nancy's panic honks.  After Sid went off on his own, those same four geese followed Nancy  and the babies (from a safe distance) almost like they were watching over her. Then, oddly enough, those same four geese were surrounding the reeds where Sid was. Once we caught him, they swam over to their “regular” area at the far end of the lake.


I went to Lindo Lake this morning after hiking to check on Nancy and the babies.  I found them at the far end of the large lake and there were two other geese (whom I named Lucy and Theodore) with them and I think they had appointed themselves guardians to this fractured family.  They kept their distance, but I could tell they were watching out for Nancy and the babies.  As I was sitting there, a lady walked by (I usually see her every time I'm there) and she told me Sid had died.  Within seconds of her leaving, I began to cry, not little tears but bawling my eyes out.  It was one thing for Sid to be gone, but knowing that he had died, broke my heart.  I don't know how long I sat there on the lakeside, but I was so caught up in emotion that I didn't even realize that the rock I was sitting on was covered in ants and they were crawling all over me.  Soon Lucy and Theodore got into the water and started honking.  Nancy gathered her babies and followed.  I walked along the lakeside following them and I thought, Maybe he didn't die. Maybe she heard he was attacked and now he was gone and she assumed".  I still had hope that Sid was coming back


I continued walking until I found the rest of the geese and I found them all together (which is odd this time of year).   As I sat down with them I saw Ranger Patty.  She stopped the Ranger cart and she looked over at me and just shook her head.  I started bawling again. She in turn started crying as well and there we were surrounded by napping geese hugging each other and crying over Sid.  The vet who took care of Sid said his lungs were punctured, that and all his other injuries, there was nothing they could do to save him.  They euthanized him, which as much as it breaks my heart,  I'm glad he didn't have to suffer any longer.  He was such a good dad and mate.

Apparently the dogs that attacked Sid were “guard dogs” for a business across from the park.  They were not trained dogs, they were just the kind of dogs that someone buys, puts them in a fenced in area, feeds them and that's it.  Their purpose was to attack and to protect the owner's property and them being right across the street they must watch all the geese and ducks and see them as one thing, chew toys.  I do not blame the dogs. I blame the stupid owner. He's responsible for Sid's death. Ranger Patty planes on filing charges against him.  I don't know what will happen, you know how people seem to think, it's just an animal and in this case it was a wild goose, not someone's pet, but hopefully he will be fined at least.

Even as I write this I have cried several times.  Most people would think,  come on it's just a goose.  I feel like I had a relationship with Sid. I always was able to pick him from the flock and no matter where he was, he would come over to me and refuse to eat off the ground, I had to hold the seed in my hand.

I know Nancy and the babies will be fine, but the fact that they mate for life and her mate is gone just makes the whole thing sadder. !  I love these darn birds so much and their well being affects me greatly! 

Thank you, fellow wildlife lovers,  for understanding and listening!  

Editor’s Note:  Sid’s story is a tragedy but thru it I learned of the fine work done by Project Wildlife’s Wildlife Triage Centers in San Diego, CA.  I was heartened to hear of their valiant efforts to save Sid, even with his serious injuries.  Chandel tells me that she has personally  taken injured sparrows, finches and lizards to their clinics and all were healed, rehabbed and released into the wild.  

To learn more about the incredible work being done by Project Wildlife please visit their website:   


I’m going to make a donation in honor/memory of Sid.  To learn more about ways you can help support Project Wildlife, please visit: 

Help Support the Bats


Operation Migration:  
Support the Whooping Cranes

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Please lend your voice to the chorus of concerned animal lovers and  urge the Ocean County, New Jersey  Board of Chosen Freeholders  to reject the USDA’s cruel and inhumane lethal methods (binding and strangling) for managing geese. Click on the link to read the story and sign the petition. Thank You!


  1. Hi I Live In Baldwin Long Island Ny And I Been Going to Silver Lake Park Since I Was A Kid Today I See A Geese Off Van With A Woman And A Dog In A Boat Scaring Off The Geese IT Was Sad This Is something New To Me The Geese Have Been There For As As I Remember

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    Nice story of the Sid the goose, must have been beautiful. Nice website you have.


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