Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!


Don’t Waste the Miracle

  There's a Miracle in Christmas...
There's a Stillness in the Air
And Excitement in the Shining Eyes
Of Children Everywhere.

There's a Miracle in Christmas...
As each Silent Night unfolds,
And We see again the Promise
That this Holy Season holds.

There's a wonder in Traditions,
In the Stories passed along;
In our Thoughtfulness toward Others,
And in Voices raised in Song.

There's a Reassuring Comfort
In the Joy, Glad Tidings bring
And an Inner Peace from
Honoring & Praising Christ the King.

There's a Magic in the Season,
In the Kindness we do,
Whether Joys are Shared by Many
Or among a Special Few.

There's Awareness of our Gratitude
For Blessings from above;
There's a Miracle in Christmas

And the Miracle is Love.

Author Unknown

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