Friday, June 22, 2012

Black and White Babies!

More babies around Bon Bon Pond!  These two adorable little guys were spotted tonight rooting around the front yard.  Judging from the odor emanating from the backyard Potentillas, I had a feeling a skunk was in the area but had no idea it was a family.  They sure are friendly little critters.  I had some work to do outside and was apprehensive how they would respond to me.  No fear whatsoever.  But then when you are a skunk, I guess there’s not much to worry about.  I watched them for over an hour.  They joined the rabbits and munched on clover.

A few years back we had a skunk that walked with a bad limp.  He moved so slow and would often hobble up and down the driveway.  Poor old fella.   I felt so sorry for him.  I conducted research online and discovered older skunks are particularly prone to hip dysplasia. 

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