Friday, November 9, 2012

Lil' Splitter

Attention fellow country dwellers: if you use a fireplace or wood burning stove, there’s a great product that will make your life easier, save your back and stretch your energy dollars.    

A couple weeks ago, I purchased an electric log splitter made by Homelite and sold thru Home Depot.  At first I was reluctant to purchase an electric machine to do heavy work, but after reading all 165 mostly rave customer reviews, my feared were assuaged. The unit sells for $299 and comes with free UPS shipping and ranks as one of the best purchases I have ever made.   The machine easily re-split ALL two cords of wood. Smaller pieces burn better and last longer, not to mention are much easier to handle. 

While about 13 pieces exceeded the unit’s 20 inch base, I merely used my chainsaw to trim off the extra length, then used the splitter.  The user manual claims the machine will split wood up to ten inches in diameter but I found it will easily handle much larger logs if you are careful with placement.  If the machine is unable to connect with the grain it simply shuts off and you reposition the piece.  

Most of the Home Depot reviewers complained about the height, and I concur.  As is, the model requires you to work from ground level, which causes back strain.  For now, JB merely mounted it on cinder blocks.  Next year we will build a platform.  Not a big deal.

The machine weighs 99 pounds but can be rolled along.  In fact, the only assembly required is to add these two wheels via cotter pins.  Most importantly, before you start splitting,  simply turn the wing nut twice to allow air to flow freely from the hydraulic then remember to close it when you move the unit.  Easy peasy.  Ladies, this is a wonderful tool that you can use by yourself.

Read the reviews then watch the video and see the lil’ splitter in action!  You will be impressed!

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