Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Reflections" on Our Anniversary

One year—already!  400 posts plus a plethora of pictures and sparkle graphics have paid tribute to the wildlife and scenery around my magical little pond.  And yet, I feel as if I have only begun to chronicle the area's flora and fauna.  In the coming months, it's my goal to finally start experimenting with video so as to add another dimension to my tale-telling.  

A tip of the hat is due all the individuals, organizations and websites that have graciously shared content with us over the past twelve months.  Special thanks, in particular, to: my sweet friend Choo Choo Love, who got me started blogging;   our resident psychologist, Dr. Jeanne Schur, for her insightful, and invaluable, contributions to these pages; plus photographers The Camera Craftsman, Nina Andry, Cary "The Questor" Kilner, Karl Schanz and Myrna Jacobs for sharing their exquisite nature artwork. Much appreciation also goes out to Bon Bon Pond's best buddy, Jeff, without whose support, guidance and assistance most of the past year's landscaping projects would never have come to fruition.

And finally, my most heart-felt gratitude goes out to ALL of YOU--our dear readers.  I am constantly amazed when I look at my "audience" and see so many views from places like China,  Russia, Latvia, South Africa and New Zealand.  Wherever you are from, please know your attention and support means the world for what good is even the greatest story if there is no one to listen.
Stay tuned.  The best is yet to come . . . 

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