Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birdies Know Best


One morning last week I was having a lively discussion with a friend about government intervention in our daily lives—in particular, regarding food.  Climbing onto my soapbox, I started in about how what I eat, how much I eat and where I eat are personal decisions and not the business of  bureaucrats.  

Finishing my coffee, and the conversation, I was pleased with the argument I had presented.  It was time to head outside and put up the hanging bird feeders so my attention turned to the task at hand. 

During the previous day’s visit to Fleet Farm, I had purchased three new replacement feeders and was anxious to try them out.  With the obstacles of winter’s ice and snow in mind I decided to alter my feeder arrangements and shake things up a bit:  a couple were moved closer to the house, and two more were placed next to each other.  The new placement would make re-filling much faster and easier.  Additionally, I had altered some of the feed in order to discourage Starlings.  Feeling smart for the second time that morning, I headed inside with a spring in my step.

Within two days I noticed something startling.  The birds had not touched the tampered feeders. After two more days, the situation had not changed.  My feathered friends had sent a message loud and clear:  they were not happy with my brilliant plan. 

Bright and early the next morning, the feeders, as well as their contents, were returned to normal.   Within a matter of minutes, my birdies were back.  Lesson learned. Feeding the wildlife should not be dictated by what’s best, easiest and most cost-efficient for me. If I listen and observe they will tell me what they want to eat, what they need to eat and where they want to eat it.

Once again, I was impressed and awed by the wisdom of animals. Actually, this experience, as seen thru the prism of my own earlier  rant regarding food, gave me great pause.  Albeit unconsciously, while complaining about the involvement of others in my food choices I had done what I most despise to my beloved birdies!  Talk about a stark reminder to practice what you preach and remain true to your principles!  The wildlife around Bon Bon Pond are truly my greatest teachers.  

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