Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome Friends!

Snow!  Each day this week we’ve been blessed with about an inch of fluffy white powder.  I love these mini-storms for the much needed precipitation, but also for the friends that fly in on their coattails. Yesterday we were visited by a HUGE flock of hungry Redpolls.  I was inside working on a time-sensitive consulting project when I glanced out the window and saw the four thistle socks thick with birds.  I raced outside and started pawing thru my extraneous birding supplies in search of spare socks.  Locating two . . . no, wait, three . . . I had to get creative.  Between twine and hooks I had what I needed to handle my ravenous guests. 
I LOVE Redpolls!  They are the sweetest and friendliest little avians.  My guests were so excited  when they saw me with more feeders they danced around my head as I climbed up the ladder.  One beautiful boy perched on my noggin till I’d tied the socks in place.  The lil’ travelers are still here today. Fingers and toes crossed  they’ll stay for awhile.  When it comes to personality, winder birds are the best!

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