Tuesday, February 25, 2014

View from a Cage

(please click on image to embiggen) 


  1. One of my friends is trying to prevent squirrels from getting to his bird feeders. Does this do it? How do you build the bird cage?

  2. Choo, I bought this feeder and have two more of the "cage" type. The little red squirrels can squirm in but they don't bother the feeders much. Mostly, this sort of feeder prevents the large birds from entering and hogging all the food. Actually, the Blue Jays and woodpeckers just "hang" from the bottom platform and stick their beaks inside to eat from what has fallen on the base. I don't mind that they play cleanup. All the birds end up eating from these feeders but no one can be a pig and push out the rest. My Red-breasted Nuthatches just adore the cages. I think it makes them feel safe.


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