Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Chandel!

All of us at Bon Bon Pond send out sincerest wishes for a wonderful birthday to our chief photographer and dear friend, Chandel.  Readers of this blog know her extraordinary photographs, but what you don’t know is her incredibly kind heart and generosity.  She is the best pet parent to her beloved cat Leo and for years has lovingly looked after the wildlife around Lindo Lake and other locales near her hometown of San Diego, providing food and assistance when animals are in distress. 

But her angelic efforts extend to God’s other creatures—the two-legged kind—and include providing comfort, counsel and a shoulder to cry on for a grief-stricken friend. 

We love you, Chandel, and ask the heavens to send you all the best that life has to offer.  No one deserves it more.


  1. thank you Kathleen! That was the best present ever !! :)

  2. Though I've never met you, Chandel, I'm sure I would love to be your friend! Happy Birthday, gal!

  3. Happy Birthday Blessings, Chandel !
    Thank You for being our friend and for all you do for us !


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