Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prayers Postscript

Many thanks for the continuing kind words, healing thoughts, well wishes and prayers for Bon Bon Pond’s injured Canada Goose. The good news is he has not gotten any worse and remains active both swimming and climbing up and down the steep bank for his corn.  Additionally, he travels the extra distance to join his extended family  in the backyard to graze on the short grass and nap under the pines.  He is still  limping but it doesn’t interfere with his daily routine. 
Canada Goose expert Choo Love Rosenbloom from our sister site examined the photos below and is cautiously optimistic that no serious life-threatening damage has been done to his left wing.  Unfortunately, Minnesota’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will only take Canada Geese that can be rehabbed back into the wild.  There is no sanctuary here for non-endangered waterfowl that cannot fly.  


  1. Gee, I'm no expert but his wing looks okay. Please keep us posted when he regrows his primaries. Yeah, sadly there's no sanctuary in MN or any neighboring state, that I know of. But a place in a garage, shed or barn with lots of paper lining the floor and a heated bath is all that is required, if necessary.

  2. I will certainly keep a close eye on him. I should know more when they are finished molting. In August the family reunions begin when the smaller families fly around to visit the extended family.

    Chandel is dealing with a youngin' from Lindo Lake with a birth defect. He can't fly but is lucky that he lives in a place where migration is not necessary.


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