Friday, September 14, 2012

More Sunny the Woodchuck

My sweet little friend: she truly is the “sunshine of my life.” Sunny the woodchuck continues to amaze with her fearlessness, friendliness and intelligence. She’s a quick study and has learned to drink from a water pan and eat sunflower seeds from a makeshift “dish.”  

I believe Sunny is truly an example of "adaptive evolution."   She has displaced her larger and stronger brother because she has learned to live in harmony with humans.  No matter how hard I tried, her poor brother could never get past his fear of me and thus seems to have moved on. 

Youtube is full of videos of woodchucks who have befriended people.  They are sweet gentle little animals that respond well to human kindness.  It pains me that they are often vilified for simply doing what God intended for them:  digging holes.    Some of the videos show people petting them which I would not recommend.  I love and respect the wildlife too much to try and turn them into pets.  Rather, I think of them as friends and fellow residents here at Bon Bon Pond.  

A wiggle in the walk . . . :-)
Looking for apples:  a favorite treat.

What a face!  Is she cute or what?!

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  1. Yeah! So glad your Sunny girl is doing well!


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