Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Memories

Goodbye summer 2012!  The weather was terrible—way too hot and way too dry—but all in all, it was a wonderful season that saw much progress around Bon Bon Pond toward our ultimate goal of making the place a perfect wildlife paradise. Summer accomplishments included: the addition of over 300 hostas; the arbor and other improvements to the Enchanted Garden;  a darned good start toward the removal of all old fencing; and the first phase of the biggest project of all, mowing of the former pasture in preparation for natural, native landscaping.

But most importantly, the summer brought so many joyous wildlife encounters. We enjoyed time spent with old friends, like Peanut the red-breasted nuthatch, and made wonderful new pals, like Petunia the skunk and Sunny the woodchuck.

So, with a catch in my throat and tug from my heart, I say . . .

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