Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fire Safety Home Checklist

We had a house fire in the neighborhood yesterday.  Thankfully, the conflagration did not take the entire structure but rather was confined to a new construction area above the garage.  I haven’t heard that anyone was injured but the place is a mess and the house itself was damaged. 

Incidents like this are a sobering reminder that we all need to be prepared in case of fire and work out an emergency plan with our loved ones.  In particular, those of us with wood burning stoves/fireplaces need to make sure the chimney is cleaned at least once per year.  Maintenance depends a lot on the type of wood used.  Well-seasoned hardwood produces less flammable creosote.

Earthwise and the blog FireSafetyforAll created the home checklist below to help keep fire safety foremost for all families.  

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