Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank You, Readers!

Less than two years after my first post, the little blog that could has reached 100,000 page views.  I am speechless—which doesn’t occur often.  Thank you, dear visitors, for your interest and support.

And thanks, also, to my wonderful friends and neighbors, who have contributed content, comments, encouragement and support.  In particular, my deepest appreciation goes out to:  Marcel W. for his terrific website http://www.online-image-editor.com that allows me to create such gorgeous images; Chandel, our west coast correspondent and chief photographer; Choo Choo Love, webmaster of our sister site, Love Canada Geese, who encouraged me to start this blog; Bon Bon Pond’s best buddy Jeff, for his tireless efforts to make this place a wildlife wonderland; our resident columnist, Dr. Jeanne Schur; our resident poet, Karen Ferguson Pfluger;  my pond preservation partner, Bonnie;  the world’s best neighbors, Chad & Sue; photographers extraordinaire Karl Schanz, Myrna Jacobs and  Jimmy “The Camera Craftsman”; Jim Lawrence, the “swan gentleman” of Monticello for his winter Trumpeter updates; Thoughts for the Work Week Ahead and photo contributors Nina & Mick, Ann C., Elli F., Kathy O., Dick B. and Cary K.; and last but certainly not least, the Bon Bon Pond window watcher kitties, Kikki and Sweetpea, who provide the entertainment, friendship and love in my life.

Heaven bound thanks to my inspiration angels:  Sheila Lawrence the “Swan Lady” of Monticello and my wonderful parents, Bill and Lee, for whom this blog is dedicated.

And finally, my deepest gratitude goes out to my co-inhabitants, the wonderful wildlife who teach me lessons daily about nature, life, love, values, perseverance, courage, family  and wisdom. Bon Bon Pond is really their world.  Thank you, my feathered and furred friends, for  allowing me to share it with you.

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