Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcome, Cedar Waxwings!

Bon Bon Pond received a rare treat this weekend when a flock of around 20 “masked bandits” stopped in to dine on the cedars along the driveway.  One of my favorite avians, Cedar Waxwings are a joy to behold with their sleek physiques, distinctive face masks, yellow tail tips and, in adulthood, red wing tips. 

Smaller groups fly in from time to time but this was the largest flock to date.  No doubt these “Batman birds” were drawn in by this year’s bumper crop of blue berry-like cones. 

Cold Weather Birding Tip:  Waxwings adore water so if you hope to see some this winter put out a heated bird bath.

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  1. you are so LUCKY!! I love those birds and i have never seen one "in real life" before


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