Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seasonal Updates

Spring is in the air!  Yesterday morning a pair of Canada Geese did a flyover of Bon Bon Pond.  The poor babes must have been so disappointed as they were travelling in a snowstorm.  A couple inches of wet heavy white stuff was added to the already substantial ground cover.  It’s going to be a while, dear friends.

Meanwhile, at Lindo Lake in San Diego, the nesting season is well under way. Our chief photographer submitted these incredible photos of  resident goose Nancy with her eggs.  Once again, our Chandel receives the Angel’s Wing—Wildlife Protector Award for her efforts to assist Nancy in constructing her nest. 

 To see more of Chandel's wonderful wildlife photos, 
please visit her website: 


  1. Last week, I saw a flock of five geese flying by. Since that day, I've seen lone geese winging through the frosty air singing their lonely spring songs. None on the ground yet but I can't wait!!!

  2. thanks Kathleen! I must admit that Nancy did hiss at me when I approached with the twigs, dried leaves and pieces of bark, but when I put them down and walked away she proceeded to pick up each item and tuck them into her nest. I figured with my help completing her nest would take less time :)


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