Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Story of Otis

Even the most casual of readers to this blog know that the light went out of my life on March 1 of this year when my beloved Kikki passed away in my arms.  He was my constant companion and the loss has been nearly unbearable.  Kikki was there for me during the toughest times, always offering a silken shoulder to cry on.  Burying my head into his soft fur and receiving his consoling kisses somehow made everything OK. 

Everyone deals with the loss of a beloved pet differently.  In my case, I had to look for another cat.  NOT a replacement for irreplaceable Kikki but rather a similar, special feline that would continue the unconditional and extraordinary love story that we shared.  I immediately began searching . . .  and even made two adoption attempts . . . both were failures.  And then, late last Friday evening, the ad below appeared on 
(please click on image to embiggen) 
When I saw Kikki’s signature pose, the paw drape, I started to cry.  It was like a sign from the Rainbow Bridge!  Plus, the cat himself, named Binion,  looked just like Kikki!  

On Saturday I called Arnell Memorial Humane Society in Amery, Wisconsin and they were kind enough to place Binion on hold until I could come in on Monday.  From that point on, everything fell right into place and the karmic wheels moved smoothly.  A feline leukemia test was necessary before he could come home but the Painted Sky Vet Clinic in Amery couldn’t have been more accommodating and offered to get us right in.
With a clean bill of health in hand,  my beautiful boy and I began our life journey together.  A new start deserves a new name and he is now Otis.  Sweetpea and I are so lucky to have found him and to have him in our lives.  We love him so much! Thank you Arnell Humane Society and Painted Sky Vet Clinic for your help in making this fateful adoption possible!  Welcome to your fur-ever home, darling Otis!

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"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!  Me love catnip!"

Two cats:  one in each office window seat, by my side.  Life is good!


  1. This warms my heart more than I can say in words, Kathleen. Otis will never be a replacement for Kikki. There will always only be one Kikki but Otis will give you and Sweetpea his love, friendship and undying devotion and help to mend your broken heart. Here's to a long loving life for all of you!

  2. This was meant to be Kathleen.
    What a wonderful and touching story.
    Here's wishing all of you many years love, trust, and joy together!



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