Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bon Bon Babies: Part Two

Each year around this time, Bon Bon Acres is turned upside down. Perhaps nothing is as adorable as baby raccoons yet they are the world’s greatest mischief-makers.  Not only will they drain each and every bird feeder but they will destroy them too.  At this point in the summer—i.e. their “childhood” I must take every feeder down and place them all in the garage overnight.  The birds—needless to say—are not happy with this plan but I have no other alternative.  The geese and ducks aren’t pleased either as this family of thieves will gobble up their corn in broad daylight.  They have a one-track mind:  food.  No amount of shooing and screeching from me makes any difference. Typical children, they know they can just wear me down. 

 (please click on images to embiggen)

That's mama coming up the hill.  Even she gets disgusted with them and takes off for awhile.


  1. kathleen, don't you realize they KNOW they can do anything and you won't get upset with them? they're adorable and they know it :)

  2. They're absolutely charming! Have you read the non-fiction story about a raccoon named Rascal? I was so moved I cried throughout the story and especially at the end. Anyway, we had a raccoon visitor at our squirrel feeder a couple times and Earl chased him or her away. Then, he read Rascal and fell in love with raccoons and felt really bad about chasing them away.

  3. Choo, I will have to read that book.

  4. Choo, I found the Kindle edition at Amazon. Before I buy it, tell me if it is sad. I cannot stand to read anything about an animal dying.


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