Thursday, December 8, 2011

Arrest Granny!?

Dateline December 2011:  Economies are collapsing in Europe, there’s rampant unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, and on the home front a lingering recession has left millions of Americans either out of work or underemployed.   Yet the residents and city officials of Lynn Massachusetts are in an uproar over a kind-hearted old woman who feeds the waterfowl.  Talk about priorities!

As an animal lover who spends more feeding the wildlife than I do on myself, I find this story disheartening.  But what makes it worse is the timing:  Christmas-the season for love and charity and kindness.  Where is the compassion for this lady, or for the animals struggling to find food in the winter? 

She’s flaunting this and the neighbors are fed up with it,” said Allissa Kummel, who lives near Flax Pond.  Happy Holidays to you, Neighbor of the Year!

Where is the common sense?  Where is the sense of community?  I have no doubt that an equitable solution could be found if only these folks would set aside their pettiness.  How about designating one section of each pond—away from foot traffic--as the animal’s feeding station?  Or how about a neighborhood brigade to wash down the sidewalks?   If everyone pitched in and  helped it wouldn’t be that much of an effort.    These are just a couple of ideas off the top of my head.  I have no doubt the Lynn brain-trust could come up with even better ideas. 

Additionally, the Lynn community needs to become better educated about waterfowl waste—especially regarding Canada Geese.  These majestic animals have been maligned and their “threat” to humans vastly overstated. 

This story has made national headlines.  Let’s hope the attention and outcry force the city of Lynn and its residents to rethink the situation and come up with a compromise.  Now that would be a Christmas miracle!


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