Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Thanks to our friends Nina and Mick for sharing their photos of one wayfaring seagull who arrived at their inland Newmarket, New Hampshire home’s porch on March second.

PhotobucketAccording to Wiki answers, these smart saltwater birds can live up to a mile inland, but will migrate south, often traveling thousands of miles in search of plentiful food.  Seagulls aren’t picky eaters and will dine on anything from fish to small rodents.  Like the rest of us, they also enjoy french fries!

Unlike most animals, seagulls can drink both fresh and salt water. Thanks to a special pair of glands located above their eyes, salt is flushed from their system through openings in the bill.

Nina found her guests fascinating to watch.  “When they stand in the snow” she observed, “they take turns standing on each leg. They tuck the one not in use up in their feathers.”

Seagulls that live near The Great Salt Lake in Utah once saved Mormon farmers from marauding locusts, and earned themselves not only the moniker of "The Mormon Air Force", but the honor of being named the State bird of Utah!



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