Thursday, March 29, 2012

William & Leona

During my recent visit to Jerusalem Pond, I was amazed to see four Canada Geese peacefully coexisting together on a relatively tiny body of water.  Inside sources tell me this communal harmony extends throughout the breeding/nesting season.

Animals, much like people, have unique personalities and character traits. For several years, William and Leona have established themselves as the resident nesting pair of Canada Geese at Bon Bon Pond. I love them dearly, but friendly they ain't.  I fervently wish they would be more sociable and accepting of their brethren. 

Between the three ponds, there would seem more than enough room for several nesting pairs, plus the occasional straggler--but William and Leona have other ideas. The duo have staked claim to the ENTIRE area and Heaven help any poor goose who lands here. 

For the past two weeks, it's been a three-ring circus (make that three "pond" circus) as my gruesome twosome have chased, stalked, attacked and driven out any interlopers. Around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, I noticed a lone goose enjoying a late lunch of cracked corn on the bank below my porch. Having just returned home from shopping, I knew W & L were patrolling the south pond. I grabbed refreshments and prepared myself for the spectacle soon to unfold. Sure as shootin', in the swish of a tail feather, my gangsta' geese were on the scene in attack mode and put the run on the poor unsuspecting wayfarer. 

Guess my etiquette lessons haven't been working. Back to the drawing board! I wonder if Dr. Phil would take my call . . .

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