Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Muskrat Love!


Good news to report!  Yesterday afternoon, a lone muskrat was seen swimming past the dock.  These delightful little mammals used to be a pond staple but in recent years their presence has greatly diminished. My neighbor Bonnie, Lord, Master and Overseer of the east shore, had observed that our bald eagle had a fondness for these semi-aquatic members of the rodentia order, which could explain their disappearance.  

I am so happy to see one as they play an important role in the ecosystem of Bon Bon Pond by controlling weeds.  I hope yesterday’s sighting is a harbinger of a return to a healthy population.  Fingers and toes crossed!  

Muskrats are most active at dawn and dusk so I will try and get some photos tonight.

 I have yet to find this information documented, but muskrats adore crab apples.  I used to love to watch them sit for long periods of time happily chomping on fruit that had fallen to the ground.  

Welcome back, my furry friends!

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