Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turkeys on Parade!

When you live around Bon Bon Pond, it’s not necessary to go out for entertainment.  The last few days have provided some of the best wildlife watching.  In the world of wild turkeys, courtship season has begun.  Two toms have been busy out-preening each other for the favors of four fickle females.  It’s downright hilarious to observe the hens reaction to this puckish puffery: indifference—at best.  Yawn.   Crickets.   

Also not impressed was William, the resident Canada Goose.  When he got a "gander" at the size of the turkeys eating HIS corn he retreated to the water.  After the flock had fled, William returned in a "fowl" mood to establish his supremacy,  nipping/chasing the poor unsuspecting ducks.

Not to worry, my good-looking gobblers, you captured MY heart!

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