Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Migration Report

November 7th marked the final appearance for my beloved waterfowl at Bon Bon Pond.  The temps turned cold enough to freeze the water so the resident geese and ducks have moved to a larger area lake that is still open where they have rendezvoused with about ten Trumpeter Swans. 

The photo below was taken from my kitchen window while I was standing on a chair.  I hoped the downward trajectory would minimize the distortion from the screen.  If I had ventured outside for a closer snap, I would have startled the flock.  I love my birds but I never try and make them pets.  It is in their best interest to have a healthy fear of man as they have few protections this time of year in Minnesota. 

To embiggen, please click on the photo below.

Tomorrow, Trumpeter Swan pics!

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  1. all right! the fact that you can looks out your window or door and see that, still amazes me. By the way, standing on the chair and straddling the sink paid off :)


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