Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Newest Resident!

Exciting news to report!  Liberty, the Bon Bon Pond bald eagle, has taken a mate!!  The second raptor (Justice, perhaps?) is young and does not yet have a snow white head so she must be around four to six years old.   

The pair spent the day here on Monday perched on the fallen oak that serves as a gathering spot for all the area waterfowl.  The photos below were taken out the living room window with my zoom setting.  I was afraid to go outside as I knew the bashful birds would fly away and I didn’t want to disturb this breathtaking occurrence.  The younger bird of prey was busy fishing while Liberty protectively looked on so doesn't appear in the pictures.   

Since bald eagles mate for life I am looking forward to two regular residents.  Can a family be far behind???

P.S.  I couldn’t tell which of the birds was bigger so I am just going with Liberty as the male.  I will try and size them up at the next sighting.


  1. WOW!!!! to look outside your window and see that!!! You are so lucky!!!!!!

  2. What a magnificent bird to have in your yard!


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