Friday, July 10, 2015

Product Review

One month into this summer’s experiment with Deer Stopper and I’m giving the product two enthusiastic green gardening thumbs up.  When you have well over 300 hostas, the process is both expensive and time-consuming but beautiful, lush, leafy plants are worth the extra effort.  An added bonus to this formula is its pleasant scent.  In the past I have used Liquid Fence, which also did a good job of keeping Bambi away from my flowers—but at a steeper price and with a horrendous odor that stunk up the place for days.  The worst was at night when the stench of Parmesan cheese flavored-urine (sorry, but that’s what it smells like!) would waft into the house sending me into fits of nausea. 

In fairness—and if memory servesan application of Liquid Fence did seem to last longer but in the first half of summer when rain is plentiful it’s a moot point as any product would wash off anyway.  The secret to success with both formulas is continued and regular application.  After Monday night’s gulley washer I sprayed everything, again, and will “rinse and repeat” depending on the weekend’s weather forecast.  Vigilance is key to keeping the wildlife at bay.

And lest anyone think I’m a meanie, I should add the deer have full access to ALL of the fruit trees—apple, pear, plum and cherry—here at Bon Bon Acres.  I take no fruit from my orchard so it can provide year-round sustenance for all the animals. Additionally, there is a full row of hostas close to the road that the deer are welcome to eat, in addition to their regular snacks of corn that I provide  In return, all I ask for is a munch-free zone around the house!  Trust me—it’s all spelled out in the Bon Bon Acres critter contract! 

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Summer 2015 hosta garden


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