Saturday, August 29, 2015

STOP Thieves

Years back, Pine Point Park officials planted a grove of fruit trees in the prairie section of the park—which is across the street from Bon Bon Acres—in an effort to provide sustenance to the wildlife over the winter. Each year since, unscrupulous people think they have the right to steal this fruit from the animals.  Yesterday, an elderly couple showed up in a shiny new pickup truck, parked  illegally and proceeded to place tarps down on the ground after which they violently shook the trees and raped them of their entire harvest.   

Thank goodness there are many fruit trees here at Bon Bon Acres.  I take nothing from my orchard and leave everything for the wildlife so hopefully that will help offset the damage that has been done.

Selfish people need to know that it is against the law to take or bring anything into a park.  Trees and bushes that are planted here have been done so for the express purpose of helping the animals and not for your personal use.  If you want to make jelly, go to a farmers’ market!

Below:  The bountiful, and beautiful, park orchard BEFORE it was raped and pillaged by despicable humans.

(please click on images to embiggen) 

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