Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby News

My babies are growin’ up!  And fast!  While raking the bank the other day both families came to visit—well, alright, came for their food.  But, hey, they tolerated my presence!   

It’s both fun and informative to observe Canada Geese up close.  The goslings take their cues 100 percent from their parents.  Left on their own, they have no fear of me.  I’m just another forest creature.  It’s only when mom and dad signal “Alert!  Possible Danger” that they waddle away.  Fear of humans is learned behavior not an innate trait. 

I was also fascinated by the relationship between the two families.  They tolerate each other but the goslings keep to their respective broods.  I’m anthropomorphizing  here, but just the same, I  kept waiting for the two sets of kids to interact—i.e. play together—but that hasn’t happened, at least not yet.

The raking is finished and my feathered friends couldn’t be happier.  Geese love short grass.  In fact, soon after completion, both families enjoyed a leisurely stroll across the newly manicured bank.  Nodding their necks in approval, they then settled in for a nice nap. 

Life is good around the Pond.  

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  1. Don't they grow up too fast for us? Soon, they'll be almost as large as their parents and then, they take wing ....sigh!


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