Saturday, April 20, 2013

Caring for Our Neighbors

A "renowned" naturalist has proclaimed that the Midwest’s never-ending winter is not affecting the wildlife and that there is "plenty of food available.I couldn’t disagree more. 

Last night’s snowfall was the heaviest of the past few weeks' mini-storms here in the St. Croix Valley and threw my birds into a tailspin.  I’ve never seen so many Juncos and American Tree Sparrows!   In fact, the Juncos were in such a tizzy, several of them flew into my garage when I opened the door to bring in the garbage can.  This is not normal behavior for these regular winter residents.  In my opinion, wild avians experience spatial displacement when they are ill or stressed.  
At Bon Bon Pond we are keeping a close eye on the feeders and throwing extra seeds and corn on the earth for all the ground feeders.  

If you live in areas where winter has lingered, please use your own judgment and look out for our feathered and furry friends.

God’s blessings to all with kind hearts who care for the wildlife.
Juncos and Tree Sparrows in an alarmed late winter feeding frenzy.

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