Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome to the Poet's Place

April is National Poetry Month! In celebration, Reflections is proud to present the work of our beautiful and talented friend, Karan. 

A fellow resident of the greater St. Croix River Valley area, Karan penned a lovely tribute to our beautiful region that's just picture perfect for spring. 

Rolling hills and valleys.
In all the hues of green.
Panoramic Beauty,
For all God's creatures scene.

It`s all here to behold.
All here for you.
Capture your gaze, what a wonderful find.
Forests and ponds tranquil and blue.

Majestic river meanders and winds.
While the beautiful birds sing their song.
A symphony of hope and joy.
Please stop and listen long.

Stones and rocks being showered upon.
Cleansing the souls of mankind.
A new fresh day is awaiting.
Open your eyes to find.

All here to behold.
All here for you
A new world awakens.
Allow its debut.

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