Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Flag Iris

A visit to Pine Point Pond last week revealed a lovely surprise. Growing on the water’s bank amidst a sea of green vegetation was a lone Blue flag iris.  A native wildflower to Minnesota, Iris versicolor is hailed for both its beauty and healing properties.

The Cree, Montaignais, Chippewa, Seneca, Meskwaki, Ojibwe, Potawatami, Mohawk, and Tete de Boule tribes considered this plant strong medicine with many uses.  Externally, it was used in swellings, bruises, burns, sores, inflammation, and blood poisoning resulting from contusions. Internally, it was used to treat colds, sore throats, lung troubles and as a drastic purgative/cathartic.

Later, the colonists used it to treat leg sores and other slow healing wounds. Then, in the 1800s, it became popular as a cathartic, diuretic, astringent, purgative, laxative, and pectoral.  Physicians of that age said it was also effective in the treatment of syphilis, rabies, sore mouth ulcers and wounds. Today it’s recognized as a detoxifer, skin rejuvenator and restorative liver aide.

Wow—all that in one lovely little flower!  Pharmaceutical properties aside, it was far too pretty to pick.

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  1. That's an absolutely gorgeous, healing plant! Thanks for sharing.


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