Thursday, June 19, 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere!

It’s been a wet and wonderful June!  While people in many parts of the state are crying foul (weather) and admonishing the rains, we here at Bon Bon Pond are celebrating the storms and pleading for more, more, more!  The pond is higher than it’s been in ages and we’re all lovin’ it! 

The two photos below showcase the difference in water marks with the first picture taken on May 27, 2012 and the second this week. Notice the fallen log as a reference point in both photos. 

P.S.  The “scum” in the water is warm weather-induced duckweed. These small flowering high-protein plants are the bane of suburban homeowners with swimming pool like ponds but serve as a valuable food source for many birds and fish, especially ducks. Additionally, duckweed provides shelter, and protection for aquatic animals, such as frogs, snakes, fish, insects, crustaceans and others. 

(please click on images below to embiggen) 

The old fallen log has been a favorite spot for the geese and ducks for years.

The perching place has gotten noticeably shorter.

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