Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bon Bon Pond Nursery

Bon Bon Pond is pleased to welcome its newest resident. Yesterday, while cutting the grass, our friend Jeff spotted a newborn fawn tucked between the backyard arbor. Needless to say, all activity in the area ceased.  The babe was alone all day and never moved.  I was starting to get concerned when mama had not shown up by the end of last evening but I am happy to report that this morning Bambi was gone.  What an honor that this doe trusted us enough to leave her precious offspring in our care.

In years past, the backyard has been a nursery for newborn fawns but never has one been deposited so close to the house.  Stay safe, little darling!

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  1. i'm glad mama came to retrieve her precious parcel! See, i told you, she just knew your backyard was a safe place for her baby


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