Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weeds Be Gone

here’s a lot to be done around Bon Bon Acres during the summertime but my favorite task by far is weeding.  In a relatively short period of time you can make a great deal of difference.  The boxelder tree by the end of the driveway is a great example. Three years ago our friend Jeff gave us the gift of nearly 300 hostas.  Most were planted close to the house and gazebo but we decided to design a plant ring around the lovely tree that greets visitors as they enter the property. Somehow, amidst the myriad of chores and starting a new business, this area got away from me and was taken over by weeds and hungry deer.  The result has been stubby plants buried under thistle, milkweed, bromegrass, buckthorn and other invaders. Today I set out to reclaim what was mine and I’m proud to say “mission accomplished!”

When the weeding was finished I topped off the project with a healthy bath of “Deer Stopper.”  I just finished my second gallon of this miracle juice as I made a vow this season to serve and protect the hostas and annual flowers. In years past I started with the stopper but screwed up and forgot subsequent treatments.  Beware, my dear deer, not this year.

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Who says boxelders can't be beautiful!

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