Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Skunk Updates

Good news to report on my orphaned baby skunks.  Earlier in the week I contacted wild skunk rehabilitators and was told the kittens looked to be about seven weeks old.  The tots stay with mama until the autumn so we’re certain she has died.  Striped skunks eat mainly bugs so I’m not concerned about lack of food for my toddlers but rather worry they might get out on the road.  So far they have managed to stay pretty close to home.  Fingers and toes crossed! 

Since these little darlings came into my life I’ve done quite a bit of research into wild skunks and have been deeply saddened to learn their lives are so short.  In captivity they can live up to ten years but out in the wild the average life expectancy is only two or three years.  Disease, dogs and man (of course) are their main predators.  The slow-moving skunk’s natural defense mechanism is to stand and face down an enemy which makes her an easy target for automobiles.

People tend to think they will spray a human on sight but truth be told they warn us with a little front foot dance first.  If one encounters a wild skunk, merely move out of her way and go about your business.  These adorable little creatures do so much good eating grubs and other bugs that destroy lawns and gardens.  They are sweet gentle little souls who deserve our protection.  If you see one in the road, PLEASE, PLEASE give her a BRAKE!

Petunia, of Bon Bon Pond

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