Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here come the hostas!

All of us at Bon Bon Pond thank our good friends Jeff & Laurie for the gift of two 16 foot trailer loads of lovely hostas. The deer will love them later in the season when the forest foodstuffs get thin, but for now the darling dragonflies have staked claim to these popular perennials.  The plants arrived this weekend and with them came a cloud of black and gold insects with the prettiest semi-transparent double wings.  I’ve always loved dragonflies but this variety is really something special.  Such sweet and friendly little creatures they showed their obvious delight and enthusiasm, buzzing about and directing our unloading efforts.
The plants are part of a long-range landscaping project designed to benefit the birds and other wildlife here at Bon Bon Pond.
Hosta "holding pen"
Unidentified Dragonfly variety???

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