Friday, June 15, 2012

New Petitions Page

The inspiration behind this blog blossomed many years ago, before personal computers, texting and smart phones changed the way people communicate.  Back in the day, my parents often joked we could write a book about our (mis)adventures in the “Stillwater wilderness.”  However, no matter how awful the situation--like the time we were without power for an entire week--when we later told the tale to relatives and friends it turned out funny and a fond remembrance.  In retrospect, living “like pioneers,” as mom named it, brought us closer together as a family.  In all our years at Bon Bon Pond, I honestly cannot recall a story mom and dad told that wasn’t upbeat, amusing, interesting and, most often, inspiring.  

I now think of this blog as a family meme and, for the most part,  try to keep my stories true to my parents' always positive attitude.  With that said, I’m not an ostrich.  All of us who love the natural world are aware of the atrocities committed against animals.  These stories need to be told, but are upsetting.  As such, I have created a special page called “Lend Your Voice” that will talk about and link to petitions and/or other opportunities for animal lovers.   Need a smile?  Stay on the home page.  Charged up and ready to change the world?  Click the tab at the top and make a difference.  The choice is yours.

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