Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trumpeter Swans Update

Good news to report on our area Trumpeter Swan family.  The cob (male), pen (female) and all four cygnets are doing great!  I check on the family regularly but most times they are too far away to get anything resembling a decent photo. 

It’s interesting that the maturation process for swans is so different than with geese: no doubt on account of their larger size.  The incubation period is pretty similar (25-30 days for geese, 33 for swans) but then the adolescences diverge. Geese can fly at seven to nine weeks while swans must wait till about 15 weeks.  Likewise, geese receive their full adult plumage at about 56 days while swans remain gray for their first year.

I like that the cygnets remain recognizably “babes” for so long.  I’m always sad to see my goslings grow up as they are so incredibly cute as yellow balls of fluff.  On the other hand, it’s a good feeling to know that my “youngins” have made it past the precarious stage when they are vulnerable to predators.

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