Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reflections on a Summer Day

Happy Hump Day!  Hope you can take time to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

I learn so much from my animal friends. Their curiosity and interest toward everything we do around Bon Bon Acres demonstrates their intelligence and sentience but also shows their attachment to us and to their home.  They want to be involved in everything. When we were recently up on the roof checking the chimney, the Chickadees and Downy Woodpeckers were swooping in to get a closer look at what we were doing.  There was no food involved,  just the fun of experiencing something new and being with their human caretakers.

The geese just love the pasture since it’s been cut.  They wander all over, checking out every nook and cranny.  They will eat a bit of grass, but not much.  Mostly the daily stroll is just for fun and adventure.  Mid-way thru their stroll, they will take a rest, curling their graceful necks into their lovely wings.  The sight fills me with great joy as I can feel their peace and contentment.  They are safe and I am happy.

May your summer days be filled with the simple joys we experience daily around Bon Bon Pond. 

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