Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dining Al Fresco

Autumn is a busy time around Bon Bon Pond.  So many projects to finish before Ol’ Man Winter makes his arrival.  Each evening, after a hard day’s work, we fire up the grill and are treated to what Jeff calls a “floor show.”  Invariably, around the time the burgers go on, the entertainment—in the form of my flock of turkeys—appear to keep us company and provide the evening’s awe and amusement. In particular, I enjoy watching “Hester” the hen who is by far the most independent of the flock, and Tommy Tune, the young jake with the most incredibly long legs.  Nearly every night they join us at mealtime and I never tire of observing the interaction of the flock. Their trust in us is a rare gift.

It’s truly an “October Treat” to dine with these cherished friends.   I wouldn’t trade my outdoor eatery for the world’s finest restaurant

Right on schedule.  Here comes Hester.

Hester (front) and Tommy Tune.


  1. i am so jealous that you get to experience that right in your back yard!!


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