Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Moving Day

The weather is still warm but it’s the season to start the time-honored October tradition of preparing for winter.  Sadly, the lawn furniture and ornaments have all been stored away, leaving a somewhat empty look around the yard. 

Next up; "moving day."  Time to rescue the rest of the poor Potentillas from the backyard garden where they have languished for years in full shade.  My hat’s off to the hardy bushes for having survived for so long in an environment antithetical to their need for sunshine.  Their new home is now encircling the little shed where they will joyfully receive the sun’s rays all day. 

Finally, the equally unhappy Hostas were moved from the sunny gazebo area to the now-vacant backyard garden.  I swear we could hear sighs of relief as these shade-loving foliage plants found refuge in the shadow of the three huge  Cottonwood trees. 

Pleased Potentillas!

Happy Hostas!

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