Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wonder of Wildlife

This is insane!  A quick review of the Reflections’ archives shows the following facts from last year:

  • March 8       Canada Geese return.

  • March 15     Buddy the woodchuck appears.

  • March 15     Red-winged blackbirds return.

  • March 18     Hooded Mergansers fly in.

  • March 20     Trumpeter Swans return.

  • March 23     Eastern Phoebes fly in.

I am constantly amazed by the wisdom of wildlife. While it’s understandable how the geese, blackbirds and others who don’t migrate far know when to return, how can we explain the long distance travelers?  For instance, Phoebes winter in the southern US and along the coastal region.  How can they tell whether Minnesota is experiencing an early or late spring? Only God knows for sure but they deserve our respect and admiration and awe.

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