Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Update

The photo below isn’t the best picture of our new babies, but, under the circumstances, it will suffice.  This picture was taken on May 30th, one day after their birth.

On Sunday, an unusual, and most upsetting, incident transpired.  While working outside I heard the geese start honking and fussing.  I instinctively knew something was wrong as the sound was coming from that miserable road—truly the bane of my existence.  (The geese hang around the dirt road because they need gravel to digest their food.) Thanks to a wet spring the land here is lush so I was unable to see 120th.  Instead, I took off like a rocket and ran down the steep embankment.  I could hear the voice of kids and soon saw two boys, their bikes on the ground, throwing rocks at the four day old goslings.  “Hey, look at the babies,” they exclaimed as they attempted to stone them.  At the top of my lungs I screamed “Leave the wildlife alone!  Stop bothering the geese.” The two took off like dirty shirts on their bikes.  A couple hours later one rode past the other way.  I am assuming these are local kids, which bothers me greatly.  As angry as I am at these children, my wrath is mostly reserved for their parents.  What kind of home have these kids grown up in?  What values have been taught? 

Anyway, the babes, plus their parents, are just fine.  They swam home to their bank and laid down after their harrowing experience. Since then they been somewhat more skittish than usual so I am giving them their space and not attempting to get too close. 

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  1. as i said before, what is wrong with these punk kids??? I'm glad the little family is safe and sound and thank you for the photo :)


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