Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get Well Blessings

All of us at Bon Bon Pond are sending out prayers and well wishes for the poor little male House Finch below who is suffering from mycoplasmal conjunctivitis, a common eye disease that primarily affects this species.


  1. is this something that goes away on it's own? I had a little finch with this same condition show up at my work and i rushed him off to Project Wildlife. They didn't seem shocked by his condition, i was horrified; poor little guy could hardly see :( I will say a pray for this little fellow :)

    1. I'm not aware there is any treatment. Before posting I did some research and what I read was somewhat more encouraging than the info presented in Stan Tekiela's book. Stan says it is always fatal but the article I read said some birds learn to live with the handicap and fewer recover. The reason the disease strikes mainly House Finches is they are not a native species. A few were brought over here for sale in captivity and escaped. Thus, today's large flock is the result of inbreeding which caused this genetic mutation. Actually, the article I read was hopeful as it said the disease is trending downward. Fewer finches are affected today than ten years ago.


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