Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nancy and Family Update

The continuing story of Nancy, 
the widowed Canada Goose.
I noticed something last week, but I didn't want to assume. Last Saturday I noticed there was a male goose with Nancy and the babies.  Unlike Theodore and Lucy (who are still near, but as usual at a respectable distance)  "Sunshine"  is eating with the family, sleeping, swimming and protecting the family.  See below:

Not only is it so sweet that she has allowed this companion to join them, but I love how the babies mimic the adults in this scenario, but instead of the honks, all you can hear is their little squeaks.  Sunshine actually charged another male goose right after this picture.  He 'lost' but the fact that he is protecting them, well it warms my heart :)  I was thinking maybe, perhaps...maybe Sunshine is one of Nancy's babies from the previous year?  Who's to know...but I think it's sweet.  and the fact that Lucy and Theodore are still keeping a watchful eye, I think this little family will be fine.

Finally mama can get the rest she needs. While Sunshine appears to be napping, he is very aware of the goings on.  That is Theodore and Lucy in the background and he gave a warning honk when they got too close.  

The photo below was taken on Sunday.  Theodore and Lucy are right behind me, but there's sweet little Sunshine right next to mama.  For a while Sunshine and the babies were all eating from my hand, but then Sunshine stepped back and let the babies eat. This development pleases me so much!  It's only been two weeks since sweet Sid died and it still breaks my heart and I still sometimes get teary eyed, but knowing that Nancy and the babies aren't alone and vulnerable makes me so happy.  I thought everyone would appreciate the new developments.   

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