Saturday, June 8, 2013

More from Our West Coast Correspondent

A couple weeks ago I was at Lindo Lake for my usual visit and when I was at the east end of the lake I saw several crows chasing a Cooper’s Hawk.  The hawk landed on tree after tree and those crows would not give up.  The hawk finally landed in these trees:

I snuck over there and tried to get a picture of him.  As I was trying to get a picture of him (which I never did)  I heard an unmistakable sound, a Canada Goose honk.  This is not unusual since there is a small group of them on the other side.  But then the honking got louder.  In the midst of trying to photograph the hawk, I looked over my shoulder and saw this:

How they knew I was there is unclear, but the closer they got the louder they got and with the crows and the geese, I  knew the hawk was sure to fly away.  And he did.  No picture that day, but no loss. I started walking from the trees and the geese got closer:

There’s a rather wide waterway separating us, so I went to walk around  (which would have taken about a minute, if that.) But the geese started to honk and grunt at me, as if to say, “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?!?”  So I stopped and said to them, “well come on.  Come over here guys” and this is what I was rewarded with:

Half of them flew over and ate the cracked corn I had brought for them.  The other half did not cross.  While this group does spend time together, they can never get along when being fed.  So the others waited on the other side very patiently for me to come over.  There were a few that I had to feed behind trees, so the others wouldn’t see.  I try to tell them there is plenty for everyone, but they just don’t listen :-)

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