Friday, July 12, 2013

Prairie Restoration Progress Report

The Bon Bon Pond landscaping project begun last year continues.  The addition of a Ford lawn and garden tractor has helped keep reclaimed areas of the pasture mowed.  In fact, thanks to this blue beauty, additional weedy areas have been tamed.

Among the overgrown bromegrass and scrub trees, a few fruit trees and other gems were discovered.  Now that the area has been cleared, and thanks to some judicious pruning, these young saplings should thrive.

Much work remains in what we are calling “phase one” of a long-term project dedicated to returning the land to its natural state and thus creating optimum habitat for the animals--including removal of a damaged boxelder behind the barn and a mulch bed for the newly planted potentillas--but I couldn’t be happier with the progress to date.  

The yellowed grass area is the result of removing brush, weeds, scrub trees, vines and other undesirable elements. 

Our friend Jeff was kind enough to build a ramp into the barn to make storage of/access to the tractor and lawn mowers easier.

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