Friday, July 19, 2013

Road Rage !@#$%

Every summer day at Bon Bon Pond is The Dust Bowl.  Trying to explain to a city person what it’s like to live on an untreated dirt road in the summertime is a near impossible task. The filth is overwhelming.  Back in the early days, the swirling clouds of dust that rolled off of 120th Street nearly drove my poor mother to distraction. A city girl, she thought her new house in the country could be cleaned the same as her suburban rambler.  Not a chance. Dusting, she soon discovered, was a thankless task.  Wipe the rag . . . and two minutes later the dust is back.  Having grown up here, I now have a more pragmatic approach to housecleaning. My domicile is always picked up and it’s always vacuumed . . . and that’s about it—at least in the summer.  

Once each dust bowl season, or twice—if we are lucky—we are treated to a dust control treatment via a product called Calcium Chloride.  It’s a liquid that is sprayed on the road to reduce the dust.  This year—to-date—those of us on the east end of 120th have not received any dust treatments.  I've called to inquire about this summer's schedule but have yet to receive an answer.  

Thanks to the Road from Hell, it’s impossible to enjoy the gazebo, or life outside, for that matter. 

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