Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Updates from Our West Coast Correspondent

On Saturday I went to Lindo Lake, as usual.  When I was finished circling the lake I was on my way back to my car when I saw all the Canada Geese near the community center.  This is not a usual place for them, since it's all sidewalk.  When I realized what "some” of them were doing I had to laugh.  It was actually the three babies, Nancy and Sunshine.  Since it was still early in the morning, the sun was hitting the windows in such a way that they could see their reflections and I will say, the babies were quite fascinated.

The other geese started to honk since the corn lady (me) had arrived (they clearly forgot that I already fed them 40 minutes prior).  The babies immediately turned around and ran at me with their wings up and mouths open.  Of course I did not get a photo of this.  Mama gave a warning honk but as teenagers do, they ignored her.  I was still standing and hadn't reached into my backpack for the cracked corn when  one of the babies grew impatient and started to nip at my shirt and the end of my shorts.  This made me smile, only one other goose had ever done that and it was Sid.  At that moment, that baby became "Sid Jr."  Not all that creative, I know, but clearly he is his father's son  (or perhaps daughter, I can't tell yet)  I chose to sit down on the ground and feed the geese.

Mama did eat, here and there, but mainly kept a watchful eye on her offspring. The babies made quick work of the corn and as I was feeding the geese, behind me I felt a familiar tug: apparently, I wasn't fast enough with the corn and Sid Jr. grew impatient, again.  His nipping wasn't aggressive, just  "HELLO!!  LADY!!!  WE NEED MORE OVER HERE......."  and of course I was more than willing to accommodate them :)


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