Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thieves in the Night

It’s trouble . . . times six!  About two weeks ago a female raccoon showed up . . . with three kits in tow.  A couple nights later . . . she had four.  Then, on Friday, she appeared with . . . five!  Each evening around dusk I hold my breath.  Dear Lord, please, no more!

This family is in addition to Bon Bon Pond’s resident pest, Varmint, who regularly steals the corn meant for the waterfowl.  I don’t know who is more unhappy about the new neighbor—me or Varmint. The latter runs screaming when approached by one of the roly poly kits.  The geese and ducks find it hilarious that the scroungy old fella is peeved at these pint-sized purloiners.  Can you say karma!

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